Standard Edition V2.0

AIRS (Air-conditioning Inspection Reports System) is an online-based bespoke software solution, specially designed to create and lodge air-conditioning reports in accordance with the EPBD requirements. It was the first application of its kind capable of lodging reports directly onto the central register, and the first system to successfully lodge a report in 2009.

It contains many useful features such as the ability to store all of your reports in one place with easy indexing of clients and buildings, you can upload photographs , site notes and other supporting evidence, produce both PDF and XML’s in the approved government format and what’s more, it’s FREE to access for ALL accredited and trainee Air Conditioning System Energy Assessors, REGARDLESS OF SCHEME.

Premium Edition V2.0

AIRS PREMIUM is an extension of the standard version, exclusive to Quidos Accredited members, which adds a number of features to help make the report creation process more efficient, such as indexing of questions for quick reference and amends, unique volume and system identifiers allow assessors to break their reports up into volumes for easy report compilation for the client, automatic assessor detail recognition, once the assessor has input their full details, the system will automatically complete these fields each time a new report is created.

What’s more, AIRS premium is also FREE to access, for information on how you can receive AIRS premium, contact a member of our team today on .

AIRS Desktop

AIRS is software designed to create and lodge air-conditioning reports and has full government approval. It has been designed to give Air Conditioning assessors useful features such as the ability to store all your reports and additional items with an easy indexing system, and gives you the ability to lodge reports directly to Landmark, saving you from the hassle of dealing with complicated computer systems.

Now we have made using AIRS even simpler, as we have just released the AIRS iPad App and a Desktop application for windows PCs. This application is FREE with no hidden extra fees. This means you can save time and money whilst using the new convenient App on the go, by iPad or Laptop. So get mobile today!


Windows (x86, 32-bit) [DOWNLOAD] Windows (x64, 64-bit) [DOWNLOAD]

Guide to using the Desktop version of AIRS [DOWNLOAD]


AIRS is an online based software package which enables users to create Air-Conditioning assessment reports in line with the current government requirements. Air-Conditioning reports are required for any building in the UK which has in place a system with an output greater than 12kW, and users are required to create a report which details the efficiencies, upkeep and maintenance of the air-conditioning units. This is where AIRS comes in. With its easy-to-use data entry screens and intuitive functionality, AIRS will ensure that you are able to create government compliant reports and keep your clients on the right side of the legislation. AIRS is a software package hosted and maintained by Quidos, a company working within the energy assessment industry.